Apr 242011


A new page informing about the Namibian Institute of Sustainable Development (NISD) has been added to the site. NISD is a strategic alliance between the Desert Research Foundation of Namibia and the Namibia Nature Foundation.

The two organisations play an important role in ensuring that Namibia’s environment remains healthy and productive and that Namibians use their natural resources in sustainable and productive ways to combat poverty and improve people’s quality of life – in short, promoting sustainable development.

The Namibian Institute for Sustainable Development supports Namibia to develop the programmes, partnerships, processes and capacity to achieve Vision 2030 and collaborates at SADC and global levels to further this vision.

To establish an effective, efficient and dynamic Namibian Institute to promote sustainable development including economic growth, improved livelihoods and environmental productivity and resilience.

– To strengthen collaboration and form a strategic alliance between the Desert Research Foundation of Namibia (DRFN) and the Namibia Nature Foundation (NNF), as the core founder members of the Institute, and to make provision for other relevant and value-adding organisations to join this alliance
-To develop and implement a long-term strategic plan and a suite of programmes in support of the Vision and Purpose of this Institute
– To support, guide and provide strategic input to the establishment and operations of a Namibian Association and Council for Sustainable Development
– To build smart partnerships with key stakeholders and potentially effective and supportive organisations and individuals, ranging from local to international, and including communities, private sector, NGOs, academic/research institutions, government, regional and international organisations and donors
– To build capacity and skills, including at systemic, organisational and individual levels, and specifically including the building of management skills (with emphasis on leadership, vision, accountability, responsibility, decisive decision-making), and focusing on being effective in a competitive global economy.

For more information about the NISD, please click here, or visit the NISD website.

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