May 272011

DRFN Interns presented research findings at Biodiversity Action Day
On 13 May 2011 Riana Kadimba and Pinehas Uupindi attended the Biodiversity Action Day held at Omauni community forest in Okongo Constituency in Ohangwena region. Several presentations on biodiversity and forestry as well as traditional performance were given at the event.

The two interns presented key findings of the Summer Land Care Programme (SLCP) focused on land use, land use change and forestry (LULUCF), and how these findings are linked to biodiversity. The presentation was well received and the participants were eager to learn more on issues as siltation of Oshanas (shallow rivers and water bodies in the Cuvelai River Basin), causes and effects as well as possible solutions. In response The TV station One Africa Television invited Riana to do a short interview on siltation.


Two students attending the SLCP course, investigating soil layers

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