May 272011

In April the E-CAP team visited Kalkrand Village Council. The purpose was to pilot the Performance Support Team (PST) approach based on the recommendations of the Namibian Integrated Water Resource Management Plan (IWRMP).

The aim of the visit was to discuss challenges that the village council is facing with regard to water, sanitation and solid waste management in order to provide hands on support to find solution to the challenges. During the visit the PST held meetings with village council administration and technical staff and councillors to gather all the challenges. The most crucial challenges raised were related to the vacuum sewer system, tariff and credit control, prepaid water meters and infrastructure management.

During the visit in Kalkrand various surveys including night flow measurements; leak detections at bulk users like the schools, police station and post office; testing of water meters for accuracy; and vacuum system inspection. At the end of the interaction, a baseline on the current status of the VC was established and an Operational Plan was developed outlining how the challenges will be addressed. Regular follow up visits is planned if required by the VC to support the implementation of the Operational Plan.


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