Aug 152011

Food for Thought schedule for May – June 2011

Sikhu Ncube The interactions of the flow regime and the terrestrial ecology of the Mana Floodplains in the Middle Zambezi River Basin (MSc thesis) 16 August 2011
MOHSS Sanitation with emphasis on health and hygiene 19 August 2011
Dr. Andreas Wienecke Possibel uses of wast from dry sanitation 22 August 2011
Wolfgang Schenck Briefly introducing the Recycle Namibia Forum, successes to date, obstacles encountered, and things to tackle for the way forward 2 September 2011

Please note that these two Food for Thought seminars are given in the DRFN’s board room, starting at 13:00. Everyone is welcome!

Contact Fransiska Gamises for more information about the DRFN Food for Thought seminars.

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