Oct 182011

Fransiska Nghitila and Faith Simataa attended the Finnish Round Table meeting which was held from 29-30 September 2011 at the NIPAM premises in Olympia, Windhoek. The first day was dedicated to a training workshop on HIV/AIDS facilitated by Positive Vibes, a local non-governmental organisation involved in capacity development of those infected and affected by the pandemic.

This was done to set the scene for the second day, where project partners had to provide feedback on project activities carried out by them thus far with the Finnish funding. As a result of this, the main aim is to mainstream aspects of gender and HIV/ AIDS into the planning and implementation of these projects in the future. The minutes and presentations given at this meeting will be circulated to all participants in due course.


Facilitator from positive vibes introducing one of the sessions during the workshop


Charge d’Affaires a.i. of Finland, Mrs. Anne Saloranta (left) welcomes the participants at the workshop, accompanied by the programme coordinator, Marika Matengu (right)

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