May 152012

On Tuesday, 8th May 2012, Abraham Hangula flew up to Tsumkwe with the contractors responsible for the installation of the hybrid system. The aim of this trip was to resolve some crucial outstanding technical issues on the system. These issues ranged from the synchronization of the diesel generators to the solar system, the communications between various system components, a non-functional battery bank and to perform basic maintenance on the diesel generators.

IMG 3986

Tsumkwe Energy inverter room

The trip was successful, as the team managed to resolve all the technical problems. A training session was also arranged with Mr Andre Louw and Jimmy Itamba (the personal in Tsumkwe currently responsible for the operation of the plant) on how to operate the system with the two smaller generators synchronizing with the solar system.

The team also brought pre-paid electricity meters to be installed in households that just recently got connected to the 11kV mini-grid. In total an additional 59 households that were previously not connected to the mini-grid are now connected and equipped with pre-paid electricity meters.

For more information contact: Abraham Hangula.

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