Jun 072012

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The DRFN launches a new Information Platform, allowing all visitors to the DRFN website to access digital environmental information generated from DRFN’s library collections at the Windhoek office and at Gobabeb Research and Training Centre in the Namib Naukluft Park.

The information platform hosts five different searchable databases developed by the DRFN:
– DLIB, our knowledge management database containing over 4000 reports and other publications

– Enviroteach: A dedicated searchable archive for publications developed under the Enviroteach project

– DEA RDP: A searchable archive for Directorate of Environmental Affairs (DEA) Research Discussion Papers 1994 – 2006

– SDP: Searchable archive for all reports and related information produced during 13 years of tertiary courses given by the DRFN

– Environmental Updates: Searchable archive of all Environmental Updates that were compiled by the DRFN and disseminated to Parliament and the general public from 1996 to 2005.

You can access DRFN’s Information Platform by clicking here.

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