Oct 052012

The E-CAP team travelled to the pilot sites in Grundorn South and Nico Noord in the Hardap region to collect temperature loggers which were installed in August 2012. Four toilets were installed with temperature loggers, one in the collection chamber just above the drying bucket, and the other inside the toilet. The recording was timed at 6 minute intervals and recordings were taken from the 22nd of August until the 25th of September 2012. This is a follow up investigation to see whether the temperature in these toilets reaches the optimum temperature (50°) required to speed up the dying process of any pathogens, which allows for the composting of the waste for gardening purposes.


Second toilet pic

Location of the temperature loggers in the chamber and inside an Otji-toilet

Logger  1 data

Temperature readings obtained from an Otji-toilet chamber

During the same trip a meeting was held with representatives from the DWSSC from both the Karas and Hardap Region, as well as a representative from the Ministry of Health and Social Services (MoHSS) from the Karas Region. The purpose of the meeting was to finalise the Terms of Reference for the Joint Venture initiative, as drawn up by the Karas Regional DWSSC staff, and to discuss and agree on the way forward with respect to the piloting of dry sanitation systems in the Nuwe Fontein and /Aub!gaos areas in the Karas Region.

Hand drawn

Hand drawn maps of Nuwe Fontein and Aubgaos indicating households, water points, kraal and grave yards locations.

Joined venture

Members of the Joint Venture in a meeting at Tses

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