Feb 212013

The E-CAP project team travelled to Kalkrand and Stampriet together with 12 employees from Gibeon, Kalkrand, the Stampriet Village Councils and Gobabis Municipality.

The trip took place from the 11th-15th of February 2013 and the aim was to train the employees on how to maintain their sanitation sewerage systems. Vacuum sewerage systems are being used which are very technical and expensive to maintain. Most of them face challenges regarding the maintenance of the systems, the biggest one being the lack of knowledge, skills and experience amongst the Municipality employees, as well as the community members.


Trainees being trained of the vacuum sewerage system in Stampriet

A follow up on the socio-economic survey was also done in the Stampriet informal settlement. The reason for this follow up was to determine the number of new land/house owners in the informal settlement.

Ronald 2

Awareness raising on the maintenance of vacuum sewerage systems in Stampriet.

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