Oct 242013

The Summer Development programme (SDP) which is a research training course for graduate students initiated by DRFN and Gobabeb, received a tree award from the Botanical Society last Thursday at the National Botanical Research Institute. The award was given in recognition of the research efforts that the programme undertook recently looking at the death of Faidherbia albida in the lower Swakop and Kuiseb Rivers. The award further recognised other projects that the programme undertook on vegetation.

Tree awards 011

The tree awards are an initiative of the Botanical society to create awareness about the value of indigenous trees in Namibia by recognising individuals or organisations that have made contributions in such regards. There were seven nominations for the tree awards this year and three winners were selected based on votes from the public. The Botanical Society then decided to have a special award for the Summer Development Programme. The two facilitators of the 2012/2013 SDP project; Miya Kabajani and Ruusa Gottlieb were present at the occasion to receive the award

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