Nov 062013

The Desert Research Foundation of Namibia (DRFN) was a partner in the preparation of the CoP 11 Journalism Awards, which were aimed at increasing media coverage of the just-ended 11th Conference of Parties to the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (held in Windhoek from 16-27 September).

The awards for local journalists were sponsored by the Environmental Investment Fund (EIF). The competition looked at the best reporting on desertification, land degradation and drought for CoP 11 in print, electronic media and photography. The award includes cash prizes and certificates for journalists whose works were awarded.
The prize giving ceremony was held on 4th October 2013 at the Joe’s Beerhouse in Windhoek. There were three categories: Television, Radio, Print and Photography.
Judges for the competition were Mr Benedict Libanda, Mrs Vivianne Kinyaga, Mr Servaas van den Bosch and Ms Irene Hoaes.


Some of the awarded journalist’s at the price giving ceremony

The DRFN is implementing a Finnish-funded project aimed at capacitation local journalists on environmental reporting and hence their involvement in the CoP 11 Journalism Awards. Speaking at the awards giving ceremony, DRFN’s Executive Director Mrs Vivianne Kinyanga, said plans are underway to make the awards an annual event.

Mrs Marika Matengu from the Embassy of Finland said that they were happy there is a network for environmental journalists and they look forward to working with this body in an effort to promote environmental journalism in Namibia.

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