Feb 282015

San study

The Desert Research foundation of Namibia in partnership with Legal Assistance Centre conducted a study focusing on the living conditions of the San communities in Namibia. Participatory research methods were applied during this study with the aim of involving the San people and obtaining a deeper insight into their livelihoods, views and perceptions. The study focused on all the regions where the San of Namibia live. The study covered a wide range of themes including: access to land; livelihoods and poverty; culture; education; health; gender; participation and representation. This has culminated in a book titled “Scraping the pot”: San in Namibia Two Decades After Independence. The book was edited by Ute Dieckmann; Maarit Thiem; Erik Dirkx and Jennifer Hays.

“The term “scraping the pot” derives from a popular Ju|’hoan folk tale, “Tug of War” (recorded in Biesele 2009: 39-44), which tells the story of how San people came to be oppressed by others. The notion of “scraping the pot” after all the others have eaten summarises the feelings of many San today, two decades after Namibia’s Independence: they feel left behind while other Namibians enjoy the fruits of Independence.”.

The book is available for sale at both the Desert Research foundation of Namibia and Legal Assistance Centre for N$250.

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