Mar 252015

The Business Breakfast meeting on Promoting Good Governance in the Provision of Water and Sanitation Services: Challnges, Gaps and Opportunities was a success. Here is a summary of some of the outcomes from the meeting.

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  • We should all take responsibility for our water resources.
  • We should engage in activities that will facilitate restoration of our river systems.
  • Everyone’s involvement and participation is of paramount importance especially in reducing the levels of pollution.
  • There are various open forums like the Upper Swakop Basin Committee where we can all be involved.
  • The City of Windhoek also has various such open platforms were one can participate and get involved in the change process.
  • The Anti Corruption Commission is committed to working with authorities by providing support and facilitate integrity and accountability in decision making processes to ensure services are provided in a transparent manner.

Presentations were made by

  1. Mr Godfrey Pazvakavambwa – Namibia Water Cooperation
  2. Mr Johan de Vos – City of Windhoek
  3. Dr Johannes Heeb – Centre for Water Manangement Services
      • Ms Namupa Nengola – Anti Corruption Commission joined our presenters on the panelist table.

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