Mar 092015

The environment has an important role in children’s development because of the amount of time children spend in the environment. Children spend most of their time playing outdoors and interacting with the environment. We believe children are special enough to provide a beautiful environment for their benefit. After all, they are tomorrow’s leaders and therefore need to be equipped for tomorrow’s challenges. This means preparing them for the future they will inherit. Children should learn how to interact and preserve the environment. They should learn to relate to the environment in a way that would preserve its integrity in the interest of both present and future generations.


DRFN has books, booklets and pamphlets designed to educate children about the environment. Our EnviroKids collection includes books on Conserving water, Recycling waste, Ocean nurseries etc. We also have a wide range of Enviroteach books for both learners and teachers.


In line with our vision: “A Namibia in which people manage the environment for sustainable livelihoods and development” we are committed to providing children and learners with environmental education that will help them to be well informed stewards of the environment.

For more information on children, learners and teacher’s books on the environment, visit our library.

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