Mar 172015

The overall objective of the SADC Gender Unit is to facilitate the achievement of substantive equality between women and men in the SADC region. This is to be achieved through mainstreaming gender into all national and regional policies, programmes and activities. SADC member states are encouraged to adopt positive measures to accelerate progress in this regard.

The SADC-IWRM pilot project was held in Mariental between 10 and 11 March 2015. The pilot project had the opportunity to work together with Ms. Muchimba Sikumba-Dils from the SADC Gender Unit on these two days. The training workshop focused on mainstreaming gender into the project. The gender team also visited three schools; Sonop Primary School, Empelheim High School and DD Guibeb Primary School. The team took time to share and sensitise our future leaders about gender mainsteaming in these three schools.


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