Aug 192015

A pro-poor approach to addressing sanitation and hygiene challenges in Schlip settlement, Hardap region, Namibia – Lucky Ganeb and Greater Mukumbira of DRFN successfully established three Community Health Clubs (CHC) in Schlip. The aim of the CHCs is to provide a very localised platform for community members to learn, address and share ideas about everyday challenges in their community. The idea for the CHCs is for the members to hold regular meetings for 1-2 hours and use visual aids to discuss the topic of the day. Participatory games which encourage self expression, songs and drama as well as practical sessions on how to improve their homes are some of the things that will happen in these CHCs. We envisage that with time the group members will engage in home visits to help each other. The DRFN trained Health and Hygiene Promoters are the Team leaders for the CHCs. The DRFN will support these newly formed CHCs for the remaining project duration.


Please visit our Facebook site for more pictures from these meetings.

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