May 082012
Napcod book launched

“Proud of our deserts: combating desertification An NGO perspective on a National Programme to Combat Desertification” by Mary Seely and Sharon Montgomery. The DRFN has the pleasure to launch this new book presenting the outcomes and impacts of Namibia’s Programme to Combat Decertification (Napcod) seen from an NGO perspective. Napcod arose out of needs identified [Read more…]

May 082012
WPI 2012 Final reports

The final reports presenting the findings of the two student teams from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) in the USA can now be downloaded from the DRFN website. The study titled “Improving solid and human waste Management in Rural Namibian communities: A participatory approach to centralized waste collection and a dry sanitation evaluation in the communities [Read more…]

Apr 262012
WPI investigating solid waste in rural Namibia

Lack of solid waste management in rural communities can be a threat to both humans and animals and the environment they live in. Windblown waste is not only an eyesore in the landscape but a hazard to, e.g. children and small stock. The consumption of waste by small stock makes them ill and can kill [Read more…]

Apr 232012
Socio-economic evaluation of effects of the Tsumkwe Energy Project

From 26 April to 5 May, four students from the Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) travelled to Tsumkwe, Otjozondjupa Region with Abraham Hangula and Clarence Mazambani. They performed a socio-economic evaluation of effects of the Tsumkwe Energy Project, the largest solar-diesel hybrid system in Southern Africa. The Tsumkwe Energy Project, which was inaugurated in January 2012, [Read more…]