About the CBEND project
The CBEND Project (Combating Bush Encroachment for Namibia’s Development) has installed a 250 kW bush-to-electricity power plant on a commercial farm in Namibia, which will be fueled with invader bush and feed electricity directly into the national grid. This proof-of-concept project will determine the financial feasibility of this approach, assess the technical robustness of the technology and establish Namibia’s first Independent Power Producer.

The gasifier is located on a commercial farm in the Otavi area, in one of the most bush infested areas of Namibia.

This project was implemented by the DRFN in partnership with the Namibia Agricultural Union and the Namibia National Farmers Union and funded by the European Commission through the National Planning Commission Secretariat’s Rural Poverty Reduction Programme.

For more information about the project, check out the CBEND website or please contact Robert Schultz.

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