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About the ACP EU Tsumkwe Energy Project
The ACP EU Tsumkwe Energy Project is a small-scale infrastructural project that aims to improve access to modern energy services (electricity and alternative thermal fuels) to poor, marginalized, indigenous people in the remote rural settlement of Tsumkwe, Namibia’s largest off-grid settlement.

The infrastructure deployed is a solar diesel hybrid energy supply system, which will provide 24 hrs of stable electricity, improved energy quality and reduced electricity generation cost to the regional and local authority. In addition this project will establish the Tsumkwe Energy Supply Company (TESCo) as an Independent Power Producer (IPP), as well as the Tsumkwe Energy Trust in which the Tsumkwe community, through its elected representatives and cooperation agencies, will be responsible for their electricity production and consumption.

The aim is to introduce the solar-diesel hybrid electricity system in combination with energy efficiency measures and appropriate thermal energy sources in Tsumkwe, thereby creating opportunities for social and economic development.  Both the Otjozondjupa Regional Council and the Tsumkwe Constituency Council have endorsed this approach.

Tsumkwe Energy brings key stakeholders together in a joint initiative not only to establish one of the largest off-grid electricity supply system using a renewable energy source in Africa, but also to develop vital in-house capacities for the replication and sustainability of this approach and guidelines based on lessons learnt for subsequent systems.

The main outcomes of the Tsumkwe Energy Project  are:
– Solar diesel hybrid electricity generation system, significantly reducing diesel consumption and ensuring continuous electricity supply to Tsumkwe installed and operational 
– Independent Power Produces that manages and operates the hybrid electricity system established.
– Existing electricity supply infrastructure upgraded and non-electrified households and businesses within Tsumkwe connected to the system.
– Energy provision from renewable energy sources increased.
– Quality, availability and access to “cleaner” energy improved.
– Access to alternative thermal fuels and energy efficient appliances ensured, to reduce household and business electricity consumption.
– Local economic growth opportunities promoted.
– A Trust for asset ownership that ensures that the revenue generated from the hybrid electricity system is re-invested into the system and into other socially or economic uplifting initiatives in Tsumkwe, established.

For more information about the project, please contact Abraham Hangula.

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  1. To whom it may concern

    I am VERY interested in the 250 kW project using invader species as a fuel source.

    Please advise where i can get all the required information about the harvesting of the bushes, the ‘gasification’ of the woody biomass and the spark-ignited engine being used to generate the power.

    Many thanks and with kind best regards

    Conan Jones

  2. I am Simon Shaninga and I am interested in renewable enegies. As such I qould like to know if the Tsumkwe Energy Project has been completed. Can you guys share information regarding the whole concept behind the project, energy regulation policies for your project etc.

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