Establishing an Integrated Water Resources Management Plan for Namibia
DRFN though its consulting arm, the Environmental Evaluation Associates of Namibia (Pty) Ltd. (EEAN) was part of a consortium lead by Windhoek Consulting Engineers (WCE) tasked with the formulation of an Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) plan for Namibia. This was done in close cooperation with Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry (MAWF) and the Namibian National Water Partnership (NWP).

The overall objective of the project was to develop an IWRM plan based on international norms as supported by the Global Water Partnership through public participation and the use of existing acceptable water and development policies and legislation.

The overall long term impact of the project is to enable Namibia to achieve a sustainable water resource management regime contributing to social equity, economic efficiency and environmental sustainability in the country. This should contribute to improved health and sanitary conditions of communities, improved water related livelihoods; gains to agriculture from improved land and water management and reduced risk of floods and droughts. Transboundary cooperation on beneficial use of shared water resources will be greatly enhanced leading to joint project implementation and operational management.

The scope of the study covered various disciplines including water resources such as hydrology and hydrogeology, water supply, waste water management and sanitation, water resources development, environment, capacity building, institutional aspects, international water law and economics.

The main output of the project was the National IWRM Plan for Namibia, providing a holistic and integrated framework for water resources management as key input for achieving the MDGs and the national development goals of Vision 2030.

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