Namibia Water Partnership (NWP) NWP falls under the umbrella of Global Water Partnership (GWP), an international network established in 1996 to promote the concept and implementation of integrated water resources management (IWRM). NWP in Namibia is part of the GWP southern Africa, with the DRFN acting as the secretariat.

NWP in Namibia strives to coordinate activities and initiatives of different actors in the Namibian water sector, and facilitate the adoption of IWRM approaches in the management of the country’s water resources and the implementation of the national IWRM strategies, policies and plans. The NWP is an unlimited, multi-stakeholder partnership which includes members from government, the private sector and NGOs. Currently there are 53 individuals representing 21 different partner institutions engaged in NWP.

For more information about the NWP, please contact Irene Nunes.

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