About the Publications, Library, Marketing and Publicity Desk (PLMP)

Information resources that enhance knowledge are the basis for training and research. The library & resource centre offers a well-balanced combination of the essential knowledge-based material.
The DRFN’s library provides support to build up knowledge to improve understanding of Namibia’s environment, to raise sustainable awareness and to support research and training. In order to facilitate these goals in a sustainability organisation, the DRFN recognises that adequate information must be readily available. Therefore, the institute maintains one library at the DRFN offices in Windhoek, and one at the Gobabeb Training and Research Centre. The library houses an extensive collection of research material and information on:
-sustainable development
-natural resource management
-appropriate renewable energy
-land-use; socio-economic studies
related to Namibia and SADC countries

DRFN publicises its work through newspaper and magazine articles, fact sheets, pamphlets, books and peer-reviewed journals, all in the interest of getting information into the public eye and raising awareness of the opportunities that sustainability offers.
At the same time, involvement in projects with communities, schools, technical people and decision-makers create a focus for collaboration and sharing information. Our focus in raising awareness and providing information is always to integrate issues of environmental and economic sustainability with people’s livelihoods and the use and management of natural resources. 
Libraries at the Windhoek office and at Gobabeb Centre house an extensive collection of resource material and information on natural resource management and sustainable development, emphasising Namibia and southern Africa, arid and semi-arid environments, and focusing on the Namib at the Gobabeb library. Currently these collections are being scanned and made available in DRFN’s knowledge management system,DLIB.
For more information about the DRFN library, please contact Ronald.

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