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If you would like to buy any of the books, please contact Ann van Wyk for payment and shipment details.

Title Year Price
– Die Namib “Die Naturgeschichte einer uralten Wusten (2008) N$135.00
library_desk_namib_quartet_playingcards.jpg -Namib-Quartett Card Game (English and German versions) (2008) N$50.00
-Proceedings: Hybrid Electricity Systems (2007) N$350.00
-Fun with the sun (1995) N$10.00
-Caring for our water (2007) N$175.00
-Hoanib River Catchment (2004) N$40.00
library_desk_book_sales_the_namib.jpg -The Namib: Natural history of an ancient desert (2004) N$135.00
library_desk_leonard_the_landrover.jpg -Leonard the Land Rover (2001) N$120.00
-Getting to grips with Enviroteach (1998) N$10.00
library_desk_namibia's_water.jpg -Namibia’s water: a decision makers guide (1998) N$125.00
library_desk_sharing_water.jpg -Sharing water in southern Africa (1997) N$160.00
-Let’s look at grasses (1996) N$10.00
-A traveller’s guide to environmental terms (1996) N$35.00
-A beginner’s guide to outdoor teaching (1995) N$10.00
-Fun with the sun (1995) N$10.00
-Let’s look at seaweeds (1995) N$10.00
-Wholly ground soil and soil erosion (1995) N$10.00
-Our growing wealth: Plants we use (1995) N$10.00
-My land my life (1995) N$35.00
-Lives in the balance: people (1995) N$35.00
-Playing with fire: Energy (1995) N$35.00
-Sink or swim: Water (1995) N$35.00
library_desk_ephemeral_rivers.jpg -Ephemeral rivers and their catchments (1995) N$125.00
-Ephemeral rivers map (1995) N$50.00
-More about water in Namibia (Part 2) (1994) N$45.00
-Understanding the Oshana environment (1994) N$80.00
-Water in Namibia: a resource package (1992) N$25.00
library_desk_oshaana.jpg -Oshanas sustaining people and environment (1992) N$80.00
-Groundwater in Namibia (1992) N$175.00
-Water books: Cuvelai N$35.00
-Water books: Okuvelai N$35.00
-Water books: Caprivi N$35.00
-Water books: Caprivi N$35.00
-Water books: Erongo N$35.00
-Water books: Omaheke N$35.00
-Water books: Suid Kunene N$35.00

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