DRFN has currently 19 staff members working within its three main thematic areas, energy, land and water, and with support functions related to library, administration and finance. We also have five associates that are providing support to project implementation and strategic planning.

Viviane Kinyaga, Director

Energy staff

Land staff

Erik Dirkx, Land Desk Coordinator
Christi Mutota, Administrative Assistant
Metha Goaseb, Translator and Community Mobiliser
Silvia Sala, FCEAR-Habitafrica Namibia Coordinator

Water staff
Bernadette Shalumbu Shivute , Water and Sanitation Technician
Christerline Ndeleki, Assistant Researcher
Kenneth Ganeb, Researcher

Library and information management

Administration and Finance
Stefan Nel, Chief Accountant
Ann van Wyk, Chief Administrator
Annemarie Brandt, Senior Accountant
Bibiana Torres, Receptionist
Nicole Therone, Driver
Selma Kondo, Cleaner
Willem van Zyl, Maintenance


Piet Heyns
Bertus Kruger
Hartmut Krugmann
Mary Seely
Wolfgang Werner