Bernadette Shalumbu Shivute


Name: Bernadette Shalumbu Shivute
Title: Water and sanitation technician
Tel: +264-61-377500
Fax: +264-61-230172
Email: bn.shalumbu(at)

About Bernadette:
Bernadette is DRFN’s Technician for the Water and Sanitation Project (WATSAN) in the Omaheke Region. Bernadette has a BSc. Honours in Water Utilization from the University of Pretoria and a BSc. Natural Resources (Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences) from University of Namibia. In her capacity as WATSAN Technician Bernadette coordinates the improvement of water and sanitation infrastructure in the resettlement projects of Drimiopsis and Skoonheid. She further mobiles stakeholders and beneficiaries for an approach to water and sanitation management that is environmentally friendly.

Bernadette is an excellent chef and very interested in the field of water biotechnology.