Mary Seely


Name: Dr. Mary Seely
Title: Associate
Tel: +264-61-377509
Fax: +264-61-230172
Email: mary.seely(at)

About Mary:
Mary Seely obtained her PhD from the University of California at Davis but considers herself an avid life long learner ever since. As a recent postdoc she travelled to southern Africa where she worked on a team researching the colouration of animals in a variety of environments. This led her to the Namib Desert with its white tenebrionid beetles – unique in the world as most others are black. She became director of the Desert Ecological Research Unit at Gobabeb in 1970 where she remained for 28 years. Meanwhile, with independence of Namibia and a multitude of accompanying changes, she established the Desert Research Foundation of Namibia which works throughout the country. After 16 years as director, she resigned and is now an Associate – enjoying participating in various programmes while leaving the management to others. Following her pursuit of life long learning, water management is one of her current interests which is providing a multitude of new experiences and interesting colleagues.