Piet Heyns


Name: Piet Heyns
Title: Associate
Email: heynsp(at)mweb.com.na

About Piet:
Piet has degrees in Science and Water Engineering from the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa. He is registered as a Professional Engineer with the Namibia Engineering Council and is a member of the Namibia Engineering Professions Association. He also received military training in two branches of the South African Defense Force, namely in the Air Force and the School of Engineers.

Piet was a member of the Integrated Water Resources Management Plan (IWRMP) Joint Venture Consultancy with the DRFN who developed the proposed IWRMP for Namibia. As an Associate of the DRFN he makes a contribution to the activities of the DRFN by serving as a mentor, resource person and advisor for young professionals and interns working at the DRFN. He frequently attends Food for Thought sessions organized by the DRFN where he makes a contribution to the discussions, based upon his experience in Namibia and elsewhere in Southern Africa.

Piet likes to build model aeroplanes, never goes anywhere without his camera and has a keen interest in War History and Scientific developments.