Intern programme


DRFN’s intern programme
The DRFN accepts interns from tertiary institutions in Namibia and abroad. An internship with the DRFN is aimed at giving the intern experience working in an NGO, in a project environment involving both office based work and field work. We encourage students to carry out their own research project within the scope of a project implemented by the DRFN.

Namibian students spend between three to six months with us, while international interns normally only stay for up to three months.

Please note that applications for an internship can only be granted if it is submitted in response to an advertised intern position at the DRFN. To find out if there are any intern positions being advertised, please click here.

Interns accepted by the DRFN have to be self-sustained i.e. international students need to be able to cover their travel expenses to and from Namibia; the cost of study visa. All interns has to cover their costs for field travels, food and accommodation. The DRFN can in some cases provide the intern with per diem when working in the field, and cover transport costs if traveling coincides with scheduled project activities.

To apply for an internship position advertised on this web site, please send us your CV and a covering letter outlining how your qualifications and experiences suit the requirements for the position.

For more information about internships at the DRFN, please contact Viviane Kinyaga.

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