The Stockholm University Geography Excursion (SUGE), which has been coordinated by the DRFN every year for the past ten years, provides geography students from Stockholm University, Sweden with unique opportunities to get in contact with Namibian communities, to learn more about the interactions between humans and the environment in a country very much different from Sweden. Excursions have been held in western, northern and southern Namibia.

The excursion that was arranged in 2010 focused on the coastal towns Walvis Bay and Swakopmund where the students were given opportunities to meet with representatives from different institutions, ranging from Local Authorities, Ministries, the Walvis Bay harbour, to teachers and learners at primary and secondary schools.

Visits to Fish River Canyon, a community campsite close to Gibeon, and Etosha National Park was also part of the excursion.

For more information about the SUGE excursion, please contact Viviane Kinyaga

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