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Financial Literacy for residents of the remote resettlement farm, Donkerbos, requires DFRN to deliver creative training.  Concentrating on managing money in everyday life, our Peace Corps Volunteer, Susan, delivered a two-day workshop to thirty-five enthusiastic participants.

Everyday life in Donkerbos does not include traditional employment, unplanned trips to grocery stores, or reliable access to motorized transportation.  In Donkerbos incomes are low, access to transportation is sporadic and it’s a fifty Kilometre trek to the nearest shopping.  For marginalized people living in the Kalahari Desert financial savvy is essential to secure adequate food and other necessities. 

The workshop offered participants opportunity to handle currency and complete accurate transactions. Repetition in a relaxed learning environment builds confidence for managing financial resources. Breaking into multiple groups the women practiced organizing their money in secure zippered wallets and negotiating planned purchases. Participants graciously identified those with greater skill and others who are vulnerable to financial abuse.  

With an emphasis on teamwork the second day was loads of fun as the groups planned and completed successful purchases.  Issues of scarcity were overcome through wise planning and respectful handling of money.

Posted on May 22, 2018

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