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On April 25th the DRFN gathered stakeholders from multiple sectors for a collaborative meeting to outline goals and objectives in support of community management and development in Drimiopsis.  Belinda Thanises, project manager for LIPUS 4, organized the meeting to clarify duties and responsibilities - paving the way toward capacity building through strategic governance. 

As Drimiopsis moves closer to transition from resettlement farm to village it is important to emphasize collaboration.  The transition from dependency to self-sufficiency requires all stakeholders to embrace significant change.  Government agencies and outside support services must reframe relationships with community-based stakeholders as they find ways to build a strong, inclusive economic base for prosperity.

Working together in areas of infrastructure, land use, human services, and community partnerships stakeholders have a window of opportunity to prepare Drimiopsis for successful transition. The DRFN continues to work with motivated stakeholders and support collaboration through ongoing communication, training and mentoring programs. Business, financial, and other life  skills reinforce community leadership and entrepreneurism. 

Outside agencies, community leaders and business owners provide role models as Drimiopsis prepares for the future.

Members of the Drimiopsis Committee attending the meeting.

Posted on May 02, 2018

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