The DRFN being a non-profit organization depends on funding from external sources to implement some of its activities.
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Understanding who is vulnerable to what stressors, hazards and issues is a very important starting point in deciding how to adapt to climate and other hazards and reduce vulnerability. Too often, interventions are put in place that do not target the groups or individuals that are the most vulnerable and do not understand the local realities of living with and responding to multiple hazards and issues.

Therefore, a Vulnerability and and Risk Assessment (VRA) Training was facilitated by DRFN and UNAM for staff from the Ministry of Gender Equality and Child Welfare as a tool that provides information that can be used to help design a development programme or project.

The  was developed by Oxfam to support communities, practitioners, decision makers and researchers to gain a better understanding of the context of landscapes and the communities and stakeholders that inhabit and depend on or use them.

This training is part of a one year project funded by IDRC and DGIS that aims to strengthen regional climate change governance through integration of gender responsive climate action into regional development plans and projects.

The collaborating partners are: DRFN, UNAM, DAPP, SASSCAL, NEED, MET, MAWF, MURD and MGECW.

Posted on Nov 22, 2019

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