The DRFN being a non-profit organization depends on funding from external sources to implement some of its activities.
If you wish to make a donation towards the work that the organization implements, please make use of these banking details.
For more information on this please contact:

Account number: 555 011 525 61
Branch: Maerua
Branch code: 282273
Swift code: FIRNNANX

The DRFN is proud to be a partner with Omba Arts Trust, who throughout the year's have been supporting our San Communities in the three resettlement farms of Drimiopsis, Skoonheid and Donkerbos-Sonneblom.

COVID-19 has had devastating impacts on the livelihoods and incomes of these communities, and it is only through fund raising initiatives, donations and purchases of these beautifully crafted products that we can lend a helping hand. It is against this background that the Omba Arts Trust, has developed this video aimed at raising funds through alternate means for these crafters, who have very limited to no means of income in some instances.

Please share this video widely which features one of our Project Coordinators for the Omaheke region Ms. Belinda Thanises, but most importantly please make a donation to this good cause.

Posted on Sep 18, 2020

Our Partners and Sponsors in support of our work include:
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