In 2016, accredited entities of the Adaptation Fund established a Community of Practice aimed at providing an avenue for knowledge exchange, learning and experience sharing amongst National Implementing Entities to support direct access to climate finance. The Community of Practice has grown to include Direct Access Entities (DAEs) of the Green Climate Fund (GCF).

As the only accredited entity to the Adaptation Fund, the DRFN participated in a 3 day workshop in Durban, South Africa

Participants to this workshop also had the opportunity to visit the adaptation project being undertaken by  Sou...

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ProSus is a platform for exploring ideas and solutions for a more sustainable future. It showcases the voices of researchers, thinkers and storytellers, and perspectives that build bridges between science and society, between local and global realities.

Latin for “forward”, ProSus is more than a synthesis of knowledge: it aims at informing, inspiring solutions and igniting conversations on how to address critical sustainability challenges. An editorially independent, non-profit magazine, ProSus is published twice a year by START International.

This issue features work from the  ASSAR project.

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It all started with the need for water in an area where water is so difficult to find.

Donkerbos is one of the few predominately San villages with about 150 to 160 people permanently resettled there. Donkerbos people can only be described as kind, very helpful and watchful. When you arrive there, you will find them all smiles and eager to be of assistance in anyway.

Currently there are only 2 boreholes on the farm which provide water to the 150+ inhabitants, their animals and the local school of about 300 learners. As it is situated in an area where water is constantly a problem due to prevale...

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With this new call for the subsequent research phase (2019 - 2022), the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research continues to fund research in southern Africa, building on results achieved during the first phase and referring to stakeholder and decision maker’s needs. The overarching goal of this call is to provide scientific inputs into SASSCAL’s strategic research framework that builds on the achievements of the first phase of SASSCAL and is in alignment with the institution’s mandate. The SASSCAL research framework addresses regional research needs and imperatives within the contex...

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