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A Namibia in which people manage the environment for sustainable livelihoods.


To enhance decision-making for sustainable development.


  • Being passionate about environmental management
  • Remaining fact-based
  • Sustainability
  • Inclusiveness
  • Relevance


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No specific form/format is required, but a complaint must be submitted in writing in any UN language (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian or Spanish) either (1) by email to afcomplaints@adaptation-fund.org or (2) by hard copy to the Adaptation Fund Board Secretariat, 1818 H Street NW, N7-700, Washington, DC 20433, USA.


Any individual or group of two or more people who lives in the project area and believe they are adversely affected by the implementation of projects or programmes funded by the Fund, or their duly appointed representative can submit a written complaint to the ACHM.

Time of submission

Complaints can be sent up to the date of the submission of the final evaluation report of the project concerned.

Eligible claim

An eligible claim should meet the three basic criteria as follows:

Complainants living in the project area believe they are adversely affected by the implementation of projects or programmes financed by the Fund;

Complaint is related to adverse impacts of the Fund’s financed project; and

Complaint is submitted no later than the date of submission of the final evaluation report of the project concerned.

Frivolous, malicious or vexatious complaints and complaints related to activities that have no relevance to the Fund-supported project are not eligible. Please refer to the paragraph 28 of the ACHM document for other ineligible claims.


If complainants or their representative(s) believe that there may be a present or future risk of retaliation for raising their concerns, they can request confidentiality of their identifying information in a written complaint or in a writing at any time throughout the process.

Required contents of a written compliant

Name, title, addresses and contact details (phone, fax, email address, etc.) of the complainant and representative(s) if appointed. If representative(s) submits a complaint, s/he must attach to the complaint a written evidence that s/he is authorized to act on behalf of the people submitting the complaint, and whom s/he is representing;

Confidentiality: whether the complainant and/or representative(s) request confidentiality.

Information relevant to the project concerned: title, location, sector, and description of the project;

Adverse impacts/harm: A description of project activities believed to be the actual or potential source of the harm and nature of the harm attributed to those activities; and

Description of efforts taken to resolve the complaint through the implementing entity’s grievance mechanism and of failure to reach a mutually satisfactory solution through the mechanism within a year.

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