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“Namibia is heating up: What does global warming of 1.5 °C mean for us?”   Short-course on climate change for Parliamentarians

The Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Tourism in collaboration with the Climate Change Adaptation research results in Africa (CLARE-Namibia) are rolling out short courses on the 1.5- and -2 degrees climate change projections for Namibia to the Parliamentary Standing Committees on Natural Resources and Economics and Public Administration.

The short courses project that is being implemented by the University of Namibia (UNAM) and the Desert Research Foundation Namibia (DRFN)  and the learning objective of these short courses is to raise awareness and understanding of Namibia’s specific climate change projections, implications thereof and International commitments to create and enable action in Namibia.

Below is the repository of the resource material used for this training:

The short course manual can be downloaded here-> 

Session 1: Introductory Session

The animation film on the projections is available on this link

Power point presentation: Introduction to Climate Change.pdf

The climate change quiz: 1a Science quiz.pptx

The Paris Agreement  is available on this link

The National Climate Change Policy is available on this link

The National Climate Change Strategy and Action plan is available on this link

Namibia's Intended Nationally Determined Contribution is available on this link

Namibia's fourth National Communication to the UNFCCC is available here  

Namibia's fourth Biennial Update Report to the UNFCCC is available here

Session 2: Climate Change Links

Climate Change and Public Health_Edward Shivute_ WBCG.pdf

Climate Change and Agriculture_ ABSALOM KAHUMBA_UNAM.pdf

Climate Change Projections for Namibia_Margaret Angula-UNAM.pdf

Climate Change Vulnerabilities and Risks_REAGAN CHUNGA-MEFT.pdf

Climate change Impacts On Water John Sirunda NAMWATER.pdf

Climate Change Impacts, Carbon Neutrality_Simon Angombe_UNAM.pdf

Session 3: Climate change and society

Namibia's Climate Change Policy Framework_Paulus Ashili_MEFT.pdf

Climate Change and Social Justice and Gender Differentiated Vulnerability_I. Mogotsi & M. Angula_UNAM.pdf

Legal Implications of the updated NDC_SB Mbudje.pdf

Climate Compatible Development Namibia_Mark New_UCT.pdf

Climate Change and the Economy _Cecil Togarepi_UNAM.pdf

Session 4: Climate Financing and Climate Action

Climate Finance _Louise Brown_Triple Capital.pdf

Climate Financing Landscape in Namibia_Bernadette Shalumbu_MEFT.pdf

Influencing and Advocacy_Pandu Nghipandulwa_NID.pdf

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