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As part of the project's aim to inform and transform climate change adaptation and policy the ASSAR project held a series of radio-shows last year on the Oshiwambo radio station (KATI-fm). Key Informative Interviews (KII) conducted by the project researchers indicate that radio is the most common source of information for most people and  66% of the population  have access to this service.  Furthermore, many people who rely on extension services often are not able to access such services and therefore the radio series made provision for various staff of the key ministries involved in the climate change field, the opportunity to address some of the concerns from these listeners. Lastly the  radio series was also able to share with the listeners some of the project's key research findings with the aim of assisting listeners plan for a harsher future.

The topics under discussion were:

- Introductory session to climate change

- Drought

- Drought management

- The value of livestock

- Adopting new agricultural practices

- Gender and climate vulnerabilities

- What enables climate change adaptation in Namibia

- The role of religion and tradition in climate change adaptation

- Communicating climate change for adaptation

More detailed information on the topics that were discussed can be read on the DRFN website or alternatively on the ASSAR website:

Below are recordings in Oshiwambo from what transpired from these sessions for your hearing pleasure.

Intro to climate change_fn.mp3

Drought management_fn.mp3

Adopting new agric practices_fn.mp3

Gender and climate change_fn.mp3

What enables CC adaptation in Nam_fn.mp3

Communicating climate change for adaptation_fn.mp3

Posted on Jan 18, 2019

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