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It all started with the need for water in an area where water is so difficult to find.

Donkerbos is one of the few predominately San villages with about 150 to 160 people permanently resettled there. Donkerbos people can only be described as kind, very helpful and watchful. When you arrive there, you will find them all smiles and eager to be of assistance in anyway.

Currently there are only 2 boreholes on the farm which provide water to the 150+ inhabitants, their animals and the local school of about 300 learners. As it is situated in an area where water is constantly a problem due to prevalent drought; the growing community identified the need for a new borehole. The area where water was found is 18km away from the village, and immediately 20 households voluntarily decided to move and settle at the new post. With the move the group hoped to reduce the existing pressure on the existing boreholes.

The DRFN as the implementing partner for the LISUP prorgamme contracted a local company to rehabilitate this new borehole and this included water taps, animal troughs as well as a mobile phone charging area.

The move started out slowly with community holding several meetings before deciding on a date, tools and equipment needed. The first group was mainly to see the place, marking places where they would possibly build houses and assisting those who were moving immediately. Voices and lots of laughter can be heard across the site, someone brought along a radio to listen to the news in Otjiherero a language many have become fluent in because of constant association with the local Ovaherero tribe. 

Posted on Jun 07, 2019

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