The DRFN being a non-profit organization depends on funding from external sources to implement some of its activities.
If you wish to make a donation towards the work that the organization implements, please make use of these banking details.
For more information on this please contact:

Account number: 555 011 525 61
Branch: Maerua
Branch code: 282273
Swift code: FIRNNANX

For residents of remote villages, the value of classroom education is often obscured. Without cultural prompts for future employment and prosperity - residents have limited vision for the value of education.  Commitment to education is learned, stimulated through social and cultural experiences.  Living in areas among people who do not rely on classroom education deepens the divide between marginalized people and future opportunities for sustainable self-sufficiency.

Thanks to the U.S. Embassy and the U.S. based Darien project two boxes of children’s books are now included in DRFN training materials. Children’s books offer a great platform for ease of interpretation, vocabulary building, and cultural exchange. The program is intended to provide a positive intergenerational experience for all ages to share the power of reading and the joy of children actively engaged in learning. As reinforcement of the reading experience a creative activity is offered to stimulate critical thinking and creativity. 

Education reaches far beyond the classroom and reading is fun for everyone.

Posted on May 22, 2018

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