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Drimiopsis a small settlement in Omaheke with a very high unemployment rate especially for the youth started a recycle glass bead manufacturing project.  This project idea was birth by the dream that a Peace Corps volunteer Mrs. Susan Hammitt had, which turned into reality. The project is funded for a year under the Social Security Commission – Development Fund and employs 8 San women from Drimiopsis. The project as a registered entity  has secured a plot through the Omaheke Regional council where production will take place which includes an outlet to market products. Renowned recycle glass bead expert Mr. Kudjo Owusu provided one month training to the women. The project's management and implementation is backstopped by a project steering committee.

The glass beads are made from discarded glass bottles, jars and broken windowpanes and when transformed, becomes amazing, recycled glass beads which help save the environment Glass takes 4000 years to degrade and is 100% recyclable. Most of this waste is sent to landfills and garbage dumps, thus contributing to global warming and climate change. The Kalahari Recycled glass bead project (KRB) preserves thousands of years of health to the planet by recycling waste glass into glass beads.

After collection, the glass gets sorted into different sizes and colours. Once the glass panes or bottles are crushed into fine or, course powder, it is funneled into clay molds and then fired in a wood burning oven. After the beads are left to cool, they are polished with water and sand by rubbing them thoroughly by hand. It is a kneading rubbing motion which requires skill to not damage the new formed glass beads.

KRB is developing their own designs and hand paint them on the beads which are in different sizes and shapes. Additionally the beads are turned into other products e.g. necklaces, earrings, bracelets and bead strings. The product will be marketed at Craft shops, local Lodges, Tourism companies as well as to all types of individuals.

If you are interested in  supporting and buying these products kindly contact Ms. Belinda Thanises at

Posted on Apr 21, 2022

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