The DRFN being a non-profit organization depends on funding from external sources to implement some of its activities.
If you wish to make a donation towards the work that the organization implements, please make use of these banking details.
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Account number: 555 011 525 61
Branch: Maerua
Branch code: 282273
Swift code: FIRNNANX

The DRFN is part of the Regional Sustainability Network (RSN), which is an HSF-Kenya initiative that was launched in September of 2018 and this project will run from 2018-2020. RSN is comprised of various institutions from the civil society sphere currently representing eight countries from sub-Saharan Africa. This network aims to contribute towards achieving of the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement through:

  • Enabling a strategic, innovative and efficient information exchange between actors in Africa in the thematic area of Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability
  • Establishment of a database that showcases new and ongoing initiatives and partnerships in the area of Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability and maps these partnerships
  • Capacity building of partner organizations for active and innovative future design

 The UNEA-4 platform thus presented itself as the perfect opportunity to achieve some of these objectives mentioned above. Three partner countries (Namibia, South Africa and the Democratic Republic of Congo) were represented by their various members this year’s United Nations (UN) Assembly which was themed around finding innovative solutions for the world’s environmental problems, the hashtag for this event was #SolveDifferent.

You can read more about this event in the attached report DRFN_report_HSF_UNEA4.pdf

RSN members who attended the UNEA-4 from left to right: Bernadette Shalumbu (Namibia), Sylvia Lanyasunya (Kenya), Stella Helwick (South Africa), Martin Ndongo (DRC) and Carol Mungo (Kenya).

Posted on Mar 22, 2019

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